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$300 freeroll 3

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on July 14, 2009

6000-ish/6700-ish. Ouch. I always hate being one of the first few donkeys out of a tournament.

Played alright at the beginning and I just knew my table was soft. Got AJo in early position and raised preflop with just one caller. Flop came 939 (uncoordinated) , he checked, I raised again and he called me again. King came on the turn and he shoved; had to fold. After that I was down to just 1.5k with the blinds still low at 40/20.

My last hand was a biter. A woman shoves all-in in early position (out of the blue) and I, being short stacked, call with QTs. The woman turns over 96o and spikes a 6 on the turn. Beautiful. Just gotta love this game, eh?


$500 freeroll 5

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on July 14, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I’ve been playing on various different sites and on various different games. I’ve learned to play razz and I love it!

Anyways, I played in my normal $500 freeroll last night and basically (out of 6,000-ish) I finished 100 short of the money.

I played alright, to be honest. I missed the first couple of levels but on my first hand I doubled up to about 6k with the average at 3.5k. After making 6k I made a couple of bad bluffs and got unlucky here and there but eventually kept climbing up to my peak of 16k with the average at 13k (blinds 800/400).

My crippling hand:

Called a raise preflop (from a loose aggressive player) with KQo in late position. Flop comes K8Q (uncoordinated), he bets pot and I reraise all-in. He snap-calls with AJs (?!) and 10 fills on the turn. Disgusted and almost amused. Oh well, that’s poker.

Hoping to get staked in the future for smaller MTTs (18 and 27 player MTTs).

$500 freeroll

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on June 15, 2009

3000-ish/6000-ish. Ran bad again. I seem to be having a lot of bad luck in general and I mean that in the most honest and sincere way. I’m not trying to make excuses for bad play, sure I might have made some glaring errors, but at the end of the day the cards were no help whatsoever.

My main table was full of calling station maniacs who would raise with anything and just wouldn’t fold bottom pair. It’s actually ridiculous. Are they all so paranoid?

With less than 10 BB’s I was shoving with any ace. I got away with it the first time. Second time: On the button I had A6o and I went all-in. Another short stack calls my all-in (for about 2/3 of his stack) with K7o and hits two pair. What the hell is wrong with people? They all want to play bingo and just hope to get lucky. It’s so bloody annoying. I’m a serious player; I study and I work hard on my game but these guys are limping in early position with 74s etc. etc. They spike the 4 with two overcards on the flop and they never let it go “just in case”… Whoever taught these people how to play needs a serious telling off.

I’ll be back in the morning to play the $300 freeroll and hopefully cash again.

$100 freeroll

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on June 15, 2009

481/7490 – Cashed again.

Touch and go for a while until I sucked out and got a massive stack. It felt good to know that I, too, can get lucky.

The amount of new players in such a large field is phenomenal and often frustrating; rarely, for me, does it seem that I ever gain an advantage from their naivety. But that’s poker.

If I continue to make mincashes I estimate that I could have an operational bankroll by 2012. Just in time for the Olympics.

$300 freeroll

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on June 15, 2009

296/6836 – Cashed in this one.

Was card dead for most of it and only had a short hot run to get me up to 40k ish with the blinds relatively low.

Eventually the average outgrew my stack and I was forced to shove. Ran into JJ vs. my KT. All-in-all I guess I played okay… I could’ve made some more steals to stay alive but my tables were usually frequented by hyper-aggressive maniacs. Oh well.

Cash games for new players 1

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on June 4, 2009

I basically made a small (experimental) introductory video for new players to cash games.

I’d like to make it clear that I am not a cash game specialist; I am primarily a tournament player and have only dabbled and read some literature on cash games in the past.


$1k guarantee 3

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on June 4, 2009

Finished 21/727. Pretty deep run and cashed in the money for the second consecutive time in this tournament.

I think my play was pretty good; I made some daring bluffs and a couple of laydowns that saved me some chips.

Just one “interesting” hand:

With 6k/3k blinds (ante of 75) I raise it up (UTG+1) to 20k with JJ and get one caller (UTG).

The flop comes A A 7 and my opponent shoves for 88k~ and has me covered by about 16k. I went into the think tank for a while… Wouldn’t you slowplay a monster hand like A7/AX/77? Eventually I couldn’t make a decision and I just folded. I wrote an e-mail to a poker player I know for his thoughts on this and perhaps I’ll post his view.

Anyway, this is my second deep run in this tournament in a row; the competition is quite soft and it’s fairly easy to make the money so I’m feeling pretty good.

As an aside, I made the stupid mistake of playing SnGs without being properly bankrolled for them. I came close to cashing a couple of times but variance always brings me down. Basically with my limited bankroll in tatters I had to grind it out at the ring games and managed to push up my bankroll again. And I’m not a specialist cash game player; tournaments are my forte!

$1k guarantee 2

Posted in No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on June 3, 2009

Finished 57/645 and in the money.

Played alright. My first table wasn’t particularly tough and managed to get a few chips out of that. Had a hot run that pumped me up to about 15k~ and spent a lot of time hovering around that marker. Later on I got some cards but just no takers. Eventually folded my way into the money…

All in all, a decent tournament but I wish I could get my good cards evenly balanced out.

$1k guarantee

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on June 2, 2009

Paid a dollar to get into this one. Finished 167/650-ish and the money started at 80.

This tourney wasn’t really all that tough but I just got unlucky by having a calling station on my left. Any time I’d have a decent hand (AQs) for example he would catch bottom pair and just wouldn’t let it go. This happened 3 times and each time he beat me through catching middle/bottom pair. I lamented (explicitly) into the chat box but he still didn’t change his ways. Eventually, through playing 70% of his hands, he lost quite a few chips and shoved with J8o. I dutifully called with KQs and he hit a Jack and doubled up through me.

Generally, I think I could’ve played it better. At one point I flopped a set on a fairly dangerous board and slowplayed it. The calling station sucked out on the river and made a straight…

I could probably play it again and cash… Who knows?

$500 freeroll 3

Posted in $500, No Limit Hold 'Em by insigniared on May 31, 2009

This was a half freeroll. I bought in for 50 frequent player points. I finished 25/412; well in the money.

I got off to a fantastic start and made my way into the top 20 for roughly an hour. I think I played near perfect poker and got some great cards.

My downfall was long and arduous:

Just a handful of places before the money I got QQ. I made a 4x BB raise and a big stack (about double the size of mine) came over the top all-in. Normally, if we weren’t so close to the money I would auto-shove but an instantaneous all-in made me second guess… I also made the mistake of asking him what he had and, of course, he told me he had aces. I think I made the right decision by folding. Even if it was only AKs I’d still only be a slight favourite.

I also ran into bullets with AKo a couple of hands later which took a big chunk out of me. After that, I got AA and QQ a couple of times but could really only steal the blinds. I just played them too aggressively, to be honest. I hung on for a while and basically shoved a handful of times each level.

I think 25th out of 412 really isn’t a bad result. I feel I could’ve gone deeper if I’d have called that all-in (and won, obviously) with QQ and I bet some people wouldn’t have thought twice but I don’t play poker to gamble.

Thanks very much to all the support I had on facebook. Cheers guys.