Semi-amateur poker

SnGs and multi-table cash games

Posted in Mixed games, No Limit Hold 'Em, PLO, Razz by insigniared on July 19, 2009

A really up and down day. Played 4 table cash games for the most part. Initially, I was up on 3 tables at a time but heavily down on a fourth. Regardless, I still made a profit on quite a few sessions and was up at least $5. Eventually, through lack of concentration, bad play,  and bad luck I ended up being at minus $5 after a couple of coolers.

A little on tilt, I then decided it’d be a good idea to multitable 6 $1.25 SnGs at once. Of course, it didn’t turn out how my adrenaline filled mind thought it would. I ended up finishing 2nd twice and missed the money on 4 tables. To be fair, I did have a bad run of cards and some general misfortune. A couple of times my well-intentioned slow play of KK went awry against a weak ace, and you don’t often expect someone to call a preflop raise with K4s against your AQo.

By the end of the evening I was down to around my starting bankroll. I then tried a 45-man SnG and played extremely well finishing 1st for $17 pushing me well into profit. The competition was pretty soft and I made at least one good (if not obvious) call and I might be interested in continuing to play them.

To wind the day down I played some low limit Razz and mixed games. I was in profit on the Razz but slightly down after I got sucked out in PL Omaha Hi.

Oh well! Generally happy with my 45 man tournament victory. Feeling good after a bad day. See you tomorrow!