Semi-amateur poker

Playing great!

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on July 2, 2010

So my roll is now at $70 from around $10-15 purely from the 7-game.

I’ve been playing some amazing poker; identifying the bad players and targeting them pretty well. There are a few regs but I have tried to avoid them as much as possible. They don’t seem particularly decent but it’s always bad to play with the guy that’s always there.

Here’s the spreadsheet of my play for the 30th and onwards. I didn’t bother to condense the notes section because they’re mainly for my own benefit. Also the names of the column are missing simply because I forgot to add them but they are fairly self-explanatory.

Anyway, so yeah, because I’m playing with such a weak bankroll I’m having to hit and run a lot so please forgive me for that but I will be sitting down for longer when my roll is more stable. Razz is easily turning out to be my most profitable game; people are mistaking it for Stud and that confusion is filling up my pockets, I must admit.

Gotta get back into the game. Good luck all!


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