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Promised update

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on June 17, 2010

So I promised an update on my progress but I have had none. But that’s to be expected, I suppose.

I’ve played about… um… a stab in the dark, ten? Ten, we’ll say, freeroll MTTs of a whole bunch of different games. I can play all of them quite well (when my roll was on Poker Stars I used to multi-table the 8-game mixed cash games) but it’s just the huge fields, little rewards, and high variance that is adversely affecting my results.

The deepest run I’ve had today was in the razz FR when I finished around 900-ish out of a 3,000 player field.

I’m still in the 2-7 no limit single draw game; it’s my worst game but I still have a massive edge against this very, very weak field. Just before the break a guy was eliminated because he thought the game was actually 5 card draw. I have 2.3k (was down to 1.5k from a 2k starting stack), average is around 3.2k and we’ve only been running 19 minutes. Crazy!

Anyway, generally I’ve been playing well and making some good laydowns. I have bluffed occasionally and I would estimate that I’ve only had a 40% success rate. I just can’t seem to give these fish (and, I swear to God, these player’s are fish) enough credit when they raise me. I have seen quite a lot of reckless play from certain players but when we come to tango it almost seems as if their past tendencies play no role in their decision making. It’s difficult to adapt from the money games to the [practically] play money games. I’m always in the aggressive 3 and 4 betting light mode and it’s very tough to stop spewing even though those plays would usually work against money players.

Anyway, new FR’s are on the horizon: one Rush PLO freeroll (with an amazing 1st prize of $18!) on FTP and a HORSE FR on PS.

See you in a few hours.


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