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Back again

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on June 17, 2010

It’s been a long time since I last updated this poker blog but I’m happy to be here again.

In the last year-ish, I only went broke online once when I was at Uni and I made the mistake of playing drunk. Since then I have had some amazing live tournament and cash game success that has given me more than £600 profit (from 20 sessions of cash/MTT roughly). Unfortunately, I’ve had to use those profits to live and am almost broke.

I am now returning to the freerolls to rebuild my roll!

I am going to grind these “donkaments” like never before starting this morning. I will play freerolls from now (3 am ish) until 5 pm. I woke up yesterday at 3 pm so it’s going to be a tough slog but hopefully the volume will even out the variance.

Here are some self-imposed rules:

  • Play will be ABC TAG on all freerolls
  • No bluffing unless 80%+ sure of a fold (field is so clingy to small pairs/gutshots etc.)
  • Will not play real money games until roll is $225 or above in order to have 100 buy-ins of $2.25 180 mans
  • Will play all games (Razz, LHE, PLO, Omaha 8 etc.)
  • Will play on all sites offering freeroll games no matter how dire (Party Poker, Stars, FTP etc.)
  • Will take breaks from playing if on tilt
  • Will not play drunk
  • Will not play cash games or Rush cash

These rules should be enough for now; if need be I will extend them in the future if I think of anything else or if my circumstances change.

Tonight I have already played a few freerolls:

  1. PLO on Stars – Ran top pair and flush draw into trips
  2. NLHE on Stars – AA vs. QQ – All-in pre – Standard Q on flop (Btw, last time I grinded real money games I was playing high volume MTT SnGs, I suffered the worst downswing I’ve ever seen; I was running miles below my expectation)
  3. NLHE on FTP – Doubled with a full house but then busted with my top pair outdrawn to a turned straight
  4. LHE on Stars – Still in with 1.2k (1.5k starting)
  5. FTP $150 Rush freeroll – Just starting now

And then some more in a little while.

Anyway, I will update this blog, hopefully, in the next few hours to give you some details on my progress.

Wish me luck!


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