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Update for 19th/20th July

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on July 20, 2009

Okay, so I suffered a major downswing yesterday (19th of July) that I just cannot seem to get over. After winning a 45 man SnG, I then went onto play 5 more on the 19th. Here are my results (and bare in mind the money starts at 6):

8/45 K8o vs. JTo (JTo guy went all-in after my stealing raise)
8/45 TT vs. QQ
40/45 A7 vs. AT (We both made two pair)
26/45 Crippled with QQ vs. 888

Then I played a $2 tournament with around 700 entrants. I built my stack up quite early but then went completely card dead. Out of rougly 110 hands I saw about 10 flops. That’s poor. In my last hand (with a short stack), I had AJ and hit the J on the flop. I checked, an LAG bet out, I shoved, he called, and turned over nothing with KTo… spiked a K on the river.

July 20th I avoided 45 man SnGs and chose to play my previous venture, 9 man SnGs. I played two (individually) and lost two. Finishing 8/9 and 5/9 respectively. My bust out hands were Q7 vs. KQ (hitting Q on flop) and A2o vs. 4c2c (flop came 3c 5c As… Nice eh?).

After that I chose to stay away from SnGs for a while and, instead, focused on cash games to rebuild my bankroll. I played mostly 0.05/0.10 games and made $7 in around an hour and a half. While that may not be a lot for some, it’s a great deal for me as I suck at cash games.

I thought I’d end the night by playing a 9 man SnG (thinking maybe my luck would turn around!). I was out on my second hand: I limped in the SB with A8s and the flop comes 8JJ, I check (and I’m thinking to myself: “No one could have that Jack!”), BB minbets (30 into a pot of 120; either clever or just a dumbass), I reraise, and the BB calls. Turn is an A and I check, BB bets pot, and I shoved. He turns over JT and takes it down.

I was stupid to think that no one had it. Sure vast majority of the time no one will, but it’s still disheartening to be beaten like that. Oh well. We’ll see if things go better tomorrow; perhaps I just need a clear head and some rest.

Good night.


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