Semi-amateur poker

$5,000 freeroll 1

Posted in Uncategorized by insigniared on July 14, 2009

This tournament is one of a series (one every 5 hours) currently being played. Players enter for 5 frequent player points and share a prizepool of $5,000. There were 20,554 entrants into the tournament I played and I finished 1,255th (well into the money).

I think I played great to go that deep into the tournament. Made many great bluffs and some great laydowns too. Of course, with these large tournaments there is a greater time span to make errors, and, of course, I made quite a few. At least 3 or 4 times I made a bad play that set me back but fortunately I managed to grind back every time to a workable chip stack.

The great thing about having a giant field of players is that the donkeys are balanced out by the good players. More often than not, on my original table, they would often play tight. This was great news for stealing blinds and really made me more comfortable. Also advantageous were the first 5 blind levels which started incredibly low. This allowed for plenty of play and plenty of opportunities to increase my stack at the beginning.

The bad thing about a tournament that size is the length of time it takes to finish it. You can become exhausted very quickly after a couple of hours. Another disadvantage is the need to get lucky at least once. Rarely will you find yourself never having to go all-in. Fortunately I was as lucky as I was unlucky.

All-in-all it was a fantastic tournament and I’m really looking forward to playing in some more tonight and tomorrow but unfortunately the series ends on the 19th of July. Looking forward to them though.

My bust out hand was J7o vs. KJo and a Jack hit the flop. Ouch. See you in a couple of hours!


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